By  KOM Bernard, Independent Researcher

Douala June 23, 2011


After my last open letter to you dated on 19 May 2011, I felt the need to send you a second one, again simply to understand the reality of some things you would probably be entitled to explain. So, hold:

27 - God is perfect, but is it the case of sacred books ?

28 - Entering inadvertently in a cult is possible within minutes. Getting out of it is generally very difficult, when possible. The gates of hell seem closer and more numerous around us than those  of paradise. Does this mean that the army of the devil is now more dynamic than that of God?

29 - Do you recognize yourself in the following statements, said during your sermons in the synagogue in Lagos:

a) <<Many Bibles sold in the market are not written by Christians, but by greedy philosophers . >> Prophet TBJOSHUA, Emmanuel TV On April 18, 2010, at 16:02 'UT+1

b) <<Whatever business you do, you need a seer, otherwise the business will always end by a breakdown. >>

30 - Many people pray sincerely for days or even years without  any material or spiritual progress.Then one wonders if perharps God is  not poorely thought to humans. In fact God is power, success, progress, Energy,etc.

31 - Can one be Christian and animist?

32 - Can be animist without being Christian?

33 - In the present world, there are too many sects. What  efficient mesure can an individual take to, for sure, never get into a cult?

34 - Young Africans of the Cameroonian diaspora have, in recent months, created a virtual currency called ''LE CAM''. Does this money has a future in the fight for the liberation of the Black Man, depending on your vision?

35 - By these years, the longevity to political power has become a crime , and democracy an end in itself. What do you think about that, since GOD can choose a leader for a long time, for example?

36 - The best political system of government is that of rightous leaders, that one might call "INTEGROCRACY" or "RIGHTOUSCRACY". What do you think about that?

37 - Between democracy and informed dictatorship  which of the two systems, if possible, is it more suitable for the liberation of Africa?

38 - In my experience, to deliver a sectarian, and it usually needs to fill in the following three conditions:

i) He must confess his guilt.

ii) He must not have already sacrificed a human.

iii) He must have entered the sect unintentionally.

          Apart from that you deliver the victims apparently without condition, it seems that releasing someone  from a sect is a very low probability. Such survivors are actually not common. Does this means that there are no efficient remedies against cults that everyday visibly extend in families  as in professional circles?

39 - President MOUHAMAR Qadhafi of Libya, whom you predicted the current difficulties (see, prophecies) may unfortunately capitulate soon, as President Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast, under the weight of the West (here NATO). However, we know what political and financial efforts (RASCOM, African Monetary Fund, African Central Bank, African Investment Bank, etc.) he has always done for the welfare of the whole Africa (1).

          Africa must she cry, pray or make weapons also (just to be respected now, not necessarily for war)?

40 - Do you think there are seers, Christian or not, whose power comes from God?

41 - Telepathic communication is it evil as some people think?

42 - Trying to explain everything by the Bible,  willing to enclose the whole world in the Bible (what we might call "the Biblism"), as many believers do  , is it not  too easy? Is it perhaps not a refusal to confront the difficult and long personal(and interior) quest which leads to the understanding of God?

43 - Not to blaspheme, the world should it not logically be led by the disciples of the King of Kings? But this does not seem to be the case, why?

44 - Some other "prophets" cure through miracle  as you, but you seem to be the only one to predict (without deletions) world events that always come true. Do you namely know other "prophets" with that your image?

45 - What advice would you give to the unemployed who had prayed in vain, and who has finally accepted the job that lucifer has been offering him since?

                     Thank you and hearing from you soon.

Bibliographic note: (1) The real reasons for the war in Libya. By Jean Paul POUGALA

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