Dear TB JOSHUA, at this moment I’m taking my pen to address you this letter, may be you’ve seen me already. But I must say that my approach is simply that of a free and independent researcher who wants to understand and possibly make others understand what he has understood. I'm a cool head and objectively. Then, without any bad intention, here are my preoccupations:


1 - Why are your predictions more often turned on the misfortunes that happen to the world?


2 - Are there some events that you have predicted and that people have stopped by praying?


3 - Why did you prefer that Africa wins football World Cup of less than twenty years in Egypt in 2009, rather than the football World Cup 2010 in South Africa?


4 - When you exorcise a sick person in your synagogue, you all the time say "In the name of Jesus, out." You could say "In the name of JESUS, die", no? These demons you eject without killing them (I suppose), will they not continue to torment other humans?


5 - You frequently recommend to your Christians: "Free yourself from the spirit of tradition." Are you suggesting there is nothing good in (african) tradition?


6 – On the contrary, there are Christians who, having long prayed in the name of JESUS as usual, do not get successful. Once they take the problem (in spite of themselves at the end) to their ancestors, they mysteriously and sometimes in a simple way, get the solution. What do you think about that?


7 - Some spiritual seekers and scientists agree more or less these days, saying that the "doomsday" will begin Saturday, May 21, 2011 (that is in two days), and the end of the world will occur next October 21, 2011. For some others, one should rather wait until 2012, 2036, 2116 or the prophecy of Nostradamus. So far, you, who have predicted only true (to my knowledge), can you resolve this debate (if you have not yet done it already) in the interest of humans, even though many people will remain sceptical?


8 - All of your sermons focus on Jesus and the Holy Bible. Do you suggest that outside of Christianity there is no salvation?


9 - Spiritual Master Ching Hai says “do not fight in life”. This means that life is not a fight, that things are predestined. This seems a bit odd. What do you think about that?


10 - The vampires and witches must kill, as their master want, but religions say you shall not kill. Is this not why, among other reasons, there is expansion of witchcraft today?


11 - The faithful prays every day in JESUS name (as with other prophets), King of Kings, who certainly make miracles, but it seems that despite all, lucifer continues to go ahead on earth. Is it not a contradiction? Do religions in their present form should not be questioned, to truly lead man to salvation?


12 - You often say that 90% of those accused of witchcraft, who are presented to you, are innocent. It's possible, but is it not also a little surprising in this very sorcerer world? Excuse me, but are you sincere?


13 - Your messages (DVD, MP3, Books, etc.) are relatively expensive and uncommon in popular markets, unlike those of evil (pornography and other perversions, for example) that are very distributed and cheaply. How do you think the people can do by this? Is the Army of God not dispersed and poorly organized in this fight against evil?



14 - Some observers who are still sceptical about you, objectively or subjectively, believe that you often sacrifice (mysteriously) some patients anonymously. How can you fully convince them otherwise?


15 - Did you become 'prophet' by your efforts, or is it God who chosed you?


16 - You often warn against false prophets (especially those who use your name to their selfish ends). Can you give the public the names and nationalities of those who deserve the attention and trust of the faithful, to avoid this confusion in which many innocent people drown?


17 - Should we oblige an adult (over 21 years for example) to believe in God, by force?


18 - Will there ever be an end of the world?


19 - If I may, may be I've never seen you wearing african clothes (Chechia, Djellaba, Bazinga, etc.), even if we recognize that you have your tastes as a human. Explain a little bit.


20 - What do you think about Bin Laden?


21 - There's this democracy that has already killed many people and Africans in particular. What practical and efficient advice(s) can you give to international opinion (even though this may not be followed as usual) to stop the certainly unnecessary bloodshed?


22 - Do you have any advices or visions for Cameroon, my country, which will have presidential elections in next October 2011, if by then we have not been swallowed by the 'end of the world’?


23 - Recently in Côte d'Ivoire, there was a sort of battle of David (GBAGBO) against GOLIATH (OUATTARA and the international community). But this time, it seems that God wanted the victory of GOLIATH, if everything is finished. Why was He angry with David, if we can see things in those terms?


24 - GBAGBO, as a patriot, was fighting for african and national causes, almost as much as KHADAFI (whom you predicted the current problems) now. As in the case of LUMUMBA, CABRAL, MURTALA MOHAMMED, Thomas SANKARA, etc.., Africa had, as only weapon, the prayers against the Kalashnikov of others. Even if it appears that God does not want the death of the Pan-Africanist any more (GBAGBO 2002, MUGABE 2008, DADIS CAMARA 2009, GBAGBO 2011), we nevertheless want to ask you if you think that Africa will come out one day, and if so how.


Give a detailed algorithm for the procedure that you think could lead to the liberation of the african continent, if possible.


25 - How will the real Jesus comeback, if he must return, since the modern man could accuse him of being a false prophet (because the Bible warns), and crucify him again. Even in this digital age where man always talks about fight for human rights, it is possible.


26 - Do you permit such other questions to you whenever inspiration comes to mind?


That is, Dear TB JOSHUA what I had to ask you. Excuse the absence of their classification. I trust that you will provide answers to enlighten those who would ask themselves the same questions. Written responses are first, of course, what is most desirable. Other 'prophets' can still bring their answers too. However, you have no obligation against any question. The world certainly wants to understand. Thank you in advance.



KOM Bernard


Douala, Cameroon Tel: 00 237 99 87 74 59







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