Those interested, even slightly, to the moral and spiritual health of the today society, have certainly got the opportunity to diagnose how the world rushes growing in the era of perversion and witchcraft. Today, the continous breakthrough  of satanism is no longer any doubt. The darkness would cover the present humanity, to engulf the last few innocents who are still on earth. It has become difficult for the right to live in this world!

Faced with this fortress in construction that the devil intends to wrap around humanity soon, the rightous apparently has no choice than fighting more aggressively the evil. Unfortunately, for many, "we live in the time of the Apocalypse", then folds his arms and wait for the storm to pass, since it is written. A process not necessarily reassuring that looks like inaction. Did Edmund Burke not said that "The only thing that allows evil to triumph is the inaction of good men"?

Given the requirement now for all the "innocents" (those who still have a chance to escape the devil) to enter into this spiritual struggle, the Pan-African Central CPRS ( has chooseen this day to publish this article,  result of several years of research and observations. Its purpose is simply to strengthen the army of the light that so far seems visibly to crumble under the weight of the satanic army.

Although the opinions given here may appear easily digestible for someones, and indigestible for others, it is no longer time to go with the back of the spoon, but to take the bull by the horns. Everyone is free to appreciate according to his spiritual sensitivity, witch or not. However, to avoid misinformation, witchcraft or satanism, are here understood as supernatural and evil practices of nuisance and destruction of human society.

Thus, listed below some indications that call man in his responsibility to the spiritual well-being of the earth:

1 -) Consult from time to time a seer, that is a medium, someone who sees the invisible, so that he can decipher you, even approximately, what is hidden and disturbs your peace or that of yours .

Do not expect him to tell you one hundred percent true, because he a is human after all. He may be wrong, and he should even be wrong, because he is not God. As one  often has a physician or a lawyer of the family, one should have a seer of the family to avoid living as a blind in this jungle that
our world has become. Less people go to the seers, less they know the wizards technics (an attitud that suits these latters), and most they are easy preys. It is not because there are liars, crooks and enchantings among the seers, that all of them are like that, or that we should not seek more. Some persons have naturally and positively acquired clairvoyance and use it for the benefit of those who understand the merit. Clairvoyance is not necessairily satanic, as many people have buried in their heads.

The modern world has long anathematized the seers and their art,  inducing by the same time a feeling of shame and a sense of superiority to those who could solicit their services. It might be time that
the modernists transcend  that obscurantism that often ends by driving them in the dark cults and other evil practices. It is to the human will to remake a world spiritually viable.

2 -) Often consult a medium when: one has an important or a suspect meeting  in view, one is preparing for a long journey, one wants to make a huge investment, one has to face a capital trial, one is hesitating to join an association that one is offered, one is hesitating to sign a contract, one is doubting on a spouse to choose for oneself or a loved one, one will start a new job, etc.

3 -) Have a minimum of three seers that can be accessed as needed. It often helps to appreciate the broader contours of the same problem. All this comes, it must be said, to support the personal efforts that are already done using our own skills. An idea that might be
crazy for some people,  isn't it? Something to laugh, for some modernists and / or rational scientists, right?

4 -)Practice the religion of one's ancestors, for it is in harmony with the genes of the individual. It is a strong potential that many reject to the benefit of so-called
revealed religions . These religions certainly bring some prosperity , but in the words than in practice, to many persons. Ancestral practice is often referred to by the term "customs". So it is highly important to always do the customs for each  family individual, young and old. It is the dismissal of these values, because of modernity and its so-called advanced beliefs, which is partly responsible for the resurgence of witchcraft and cults in the world.

5 -) Understand that the prayers are not enough to overcome witchcraft, and that in some cases the individual must receive a protection ritual of his being (body, soul, mind, etc..) from a practitioner, in order to escape. Believers who are sincere can recognize that, despite their fervor in prayer, they are sometimes subjected to evil pratices, or even, they do not always progress in their profession.

6 -) It is possible, depending on the traditions, to "immunize" an individual against witchcraft, even for a some years. Similarly, one can avoid the danger by often chewing a bark or by simply carrying it on oneself. But, of course, every thing depends on who gives it to us, because there are good and bad ones that are socially recognized. The jujube (wether chewed or worn) is an example of such protection.

7 -) Beware of the idea that association with other persons is necessairy to better pray to God. There is no requirement like that, because the sects take the opportunity to recruit among those poorly informed. Every sincere prayer, done individually or in group is heard by God.

8-) Do not join associations anyhow. "Witchcraft is usually a way of groups", warned Patrick Nguema NDONG, a Gabonese spiritual seeker, in the "Magazine of the strange" Radio Africa No. 1. At the heart of many associations and companies, unfortunately, lies witchcraft, with the air of nothing. This is the case in almost all markets, all the administrations, in the political sphere, as in other sectors. Well, yes. "Witchcraft has become
an establishment with a respectable facade ," Patrick N.N. concluded.

9 -) Always pay attention to the
hypocrites around us.  "The sorcerer always acts thinking not to be seen, he evolves into a system where the trick is predominant",  he added.

10 -) Do not usually answer "YES", in sleep, over the phone, or to some suspects questions that we can be asked in certain circumstances. Such questions often have a different understanding in the wizard plan, at the time, and can condemn us, in case of YES. Take notice, people who drop out all the time on the phone by saying "Yes, hello," or "yes, who is it?", Or "yes, I listen.." Let's say "Hello?", "Hello, who is it?", "Hello, who do I have the honor?", Or let the caller introduce himself, in silence, in some doubtful cases.

11 -) Do not mix or often share our properties with those of others. These are clothes, shoes, cigarettes, lipstick, telephones, books, notebooks, pens, etc.. Notice in particular to our young pupils and students during exams and other competition periods.

12 -) Do not be someone who always swallows everything that other people think. Know how to develop one's own convictions and principles in life. Sorcerers often begin by changing our vision and our will to their own, in a subtle way. "Sometimes, if someone asks you a stone, give two. This will help to break a possible spell of the sorcerer in front of you" or, "When one does not do the exact will of a sorcerer, he fails in his ambition", advised again P.

13 -) Believe in God by involving all his intelligence. God loves those who
truly and sincerely seek and experience Him, deep from  theirs hearts. Evil cults often encourage the contrary, that means they want a belief without analysis, uncritically. It's more like a manipulation.

14 -) Often pray for our loved ones (children, spouses, friends, etc..), whether far from us or not. This is especially true for children who are in school or in the street, because these places are less conducive to good morals.

15 -) Avoid lust, that is not to be envious, because it is the central point of departure to entry into an evil cult. It is commonly said "do not have long eyes." When the desire takes us, let's talk to ourself: "Lord God, thy will be done", then humbly continue our way.

16 -) Do not
absolutely want to "have relations in high places" because we want to "become somebody". This can lead unexpectedly overnight in the cave of the devil. A destiny can be achieved without necessarily going through the channel of the compromise. It is the power that counts.

17 -) Avoid as much as possible to lie, that is to say, choose in general the spirit of righteousness.

18 -) Pray the most internally, whenever the time permits, wherever you are.

19 -) If one is a Christian,
often pray to the Holy whom one carries the name, when one is in trouble. Thus, John will pray to St. John and Emilie will pray to St. Emilie , etc. Of course, the case of Jesus needs no further demonstration.

20 -) Know that witchcraft is hierarchical, and that in some cases, even a stranger can bewitch us. It's not necessary that one be of the same family with him. The wizards will say the contrary.

21 -) Know that if someone is a sorcerer, he can still captivate us, even if we are from the same human family.

22 -) Do not often give some food directly to the child of another, but rather to his parent.

23 -) Do not usually drink in a glass in public places. Drink from the bottle and, when necessary, often even close his mouth with the capsule, after a sip. It is not polite, perhaps, but cautious.

24 -) In certain circumstances, not to consume our drink, if it has been abandoned to return later.

25 -) Often change our preferences (drinks, food, clothing, dating, temperament, etc.) when we realize they are almost known by all or a specific individual. For example, rather drink water, if we realize, coming to a festival, that we were booked our usual taste.

26 -) Often make our choices by ourselves. This is more valid in terms of thoughts, because witches regularly practice disinformation, that is, the manipulation of public opinion in their selfish interests. This is usually arguments to spare the wicked and to discourage ethics. This is the case for reflections such as "Does the devil really exists?", "The devil or sects is (are) not", "witchcraft is just a manipulation of the waves", or "embalm the palm kernel oil attracts wizards", which one must be careful. It's not a joke.

27 -) Know that the first five tips above are the most important.

28 -) Teach children the customs, gradually as they approach maturity, as this will protect our offspring after us. Warning:

29 -) Do not often give one's date of birth to others, where the context is doubtful. For example, in a game by sms on mobile phone, or to register on a website that you want to discover, and so on.

30 -)
Usually rinse the body with salt water  after a bath, then let the body dry by itself, without using the towel.

31 -) Often anoint  olive oil, for those who can get it, or palm kernel oil (black or clear), every day and every nigth God has created. Beware of
mixed palm kernel oil , of poor quality, sold by some rogue traders. Olive oil could then be used as a lubricant during sex, in prevention of layers of nights.

32 -)
Often wash the floor of the house at bedtime, with simple water or  salt water. It is also possible to spray the floor with a mixture of salt water and lemon juice, or holy water. To this end, just get an empty bottle of mineral water and make small holes on the plastic cap.

33 -)One can also hang in a corner of the house,
a small and opened  breakable bottle containing honey. This also acts against witches attacks.  

34 -) Literature, cinema, social debates on evils of witchcraft also deserve our attention daily, because they may increase our understanding of the social evil. This is true about literature and nigerian films, in particular, that have sufficiently treated this issue.

35-) Do not always try to explain every thing by rational science, otherwise you may come to be unluckyly surprise one day. Irational science has its own laws that sometimes challenge those of the rational science.

36-) One can also put a new needle on oneself, at bedtime, making sure not to get stung.

37-) If before a meeting, you realize that a chair has been specially "prepared" for you, change your place if possible. As in some cases you may have no choice, take a "personal disposition" that you are convinced of the efficiency, before you leave home.

38-) Know that besides the trick, evil forces often use physical constraint to oblige their human target to join their satanic game, especially when the latter found herself innocently and/or unluckyly in their fief.

39-) Take the ground of your concession (place of your ancestral roots), mix it with the seeds of jujube, then crush it all, by yourself, praying inwardly the ancestors and GOD for your blessings and protection. Keep that at home, then swallow a pinch now and then, before important outings. In the same vein, if there is natural  water in your concession,  keep a certain quantity in your home, for purposes of spiritual well-being.

          So, those are some recipes submitted to the public. Certain provisions recommended here, as they align with the beliefs of some people, might naturally deeply offend those of others. The important thing will be for each honest reader, to individually  experiment the therapeutics proposed here, in order to reject, adopt or improve them eventually, as these dosages are each more or less strong than others.

This article is not exhaustive, but merely a preventive contribution, the result of several years of research and analysis. It is for those who, for now, remain protected from the spell of satan and who wish to remain as such.

The reader should keep in mind that these tips are not necessarily immutable, as the evil forces always do daily researches to refine their evil methods to conquer  innocent souls. Short, wizards often change their approaches when they do not proceed to discredit the antidotes that make their failure. So it's up to the reader to remain spiritually awake. The only danger of prescriptions made here is that the user comes to forget them from time to time, while on the opposite side the sorcerers take no respite.

Faced with the
modern advance of satanism, it's to the divine army to organize itself in order to keep lucifer and his minions away. Thank you.

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